giovedì 1 maggio 2008

Liz Allbee/Sharon Cheslow/Weasel Walter - Plants That Kill

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Liz Allbee is a voracious musician whose work spans many genres, including new music, improvisation, electronic composition, Asian folk and pop, noise, minimalist, free jazz and experimental rock. She has played with a wide array of musicians, including Anthony Braxton, Wadada Leo Smith, Cecil Taylor, Hans Grusel, Birgit Uhler, Alberto Braida, Fabrizio Spera, Gino Robair, Yugen Noh Theater, SFSound, and with members of Caroliner, Sun City Girls, and Rova. She lives in Oakland, CA.

1. dionaea muscipula
2. cephalotus follicularis
3. utricularia
4. nepenthes
5. prosopis
6. syzygium
7. quisqualis pubescens
8. dalmatian spurge
9. strophantus
10. convolvulus jalapa

genre: free improvisation

liz allbee - trumpet, electronics, conch shell, voice
sharon cheslow - guitar, electronics, objects, voice
weasel walter - drums, percussion


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